Craft Beer

Some have called Vermont the "Napa Valley of craft beer". We don't disagree. Our beer menu shifts around quite a bit based on what is available but we always have the extraordinary on tap. 


Local Food

100% grass-fed beef, line-caught fish, humanely raised poultry and a whole lot of effort. We put our heart and soul into what we serve because it makes a difference. 



Food, beer and friends. We love our regulars and we love our newcomers. Come join the community.

The Worthy Difference


We proudly serve 100% grass fed beef, humanely raised poultry, line caught fish and the best local vegetables available. We cook using fire fueled by VT hardwood for unparalleled flavor while also reducing our use of fossil fuels. Our fries are hand-cut daily and cooked twice in Wagyu beef tallow; loaded with vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. Tallow is healthier than vegetable oil and infinitely tastier.

By partnering with our friends, family and neighbors at local farms and breweries, we're able to protect our environment, support our community and provide outstanding products to our customers.

The only questions is: Will you be Worthy?



A Craft Beer and Farm Burger


After renovating an old freight house in downtown South Royalton, Vermont, we opened our doors in August of 2012. Ever since then we've been flipping patties over a wood-fire grill and connecting with our local community.


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A Craft Beer and Farm Diner


After the Worthy Burger took off, we quickly realized the need for farm diner food, but done right with local ingredients. So our eyes turned to Woodstock, Vermont, where we saw a need for this kind of joint. In August of 2013, we opened the doors to the Worthy Kitchen and we've been kickin' kegs and serving farm dinners ever since.


442 Woodstock Rd, Woodstock, VT 05091


If you would like to schedule a call, photoshoot or interview, please give us a shout.